Hong Kong Family Trip 2018: Mong Kok

This HK trip was our first family trip abroad. “Family” defined as me and my son, my aunt and her two children. They’re the closest family I have, my dad and my aunt being the only siblings. I am an only child and I’ve always treated my cousins (my aunt’s kids) as siblings.

This trip happened after a year that the youngest cousin graduated from college and my aunt retired and so, we have time and money for a trip abroad. This was also after all the “renovations” and “extensions” in the house were finished, as most retirees’ project was. My son was almost 7 at this time and so he can do most things on his own. Thankfully, he loves traveling as much as I do, so waking up early and waiting at the airport is no biggie for him.

Relationship Etiquette 101

I am not exactly the relationship etiquette guru here, so instead of being an all-knowing, advice-giving self-righteous woman, I will just be a question-maker, answer-seeker, relationship blogger.

For the guys out there, here are some questions to ponder upon.

1) Would you want your girlfriend or wife to call your male friend (either single or married), on a regular basis, and invite that male friend, on a regular basis, to have dinner, snacks, meet-ups or whatever? 

2) Would you want your girlfriend or wife to regularly seek for "support" from your male friend (either single or married) when your girlfriend/wife is on a neighboring place to work? That place is where your male friend is based, of course. 

3) Would you want your girlfriend or wife to play a "helpless and alone" tourist slash worker in a neighboring place and allow her to constantly call your male friend (either single or married) to act as a "tour guide", "driver", or "dinner date"? 

4) What would you do if your girlfriend or wife do all those stuff? What would you do to your male friend? 

5) Do you trust your girlfriend or wife enough to allow her to do those with your male friend? Do you trust your male friend to allow him to do those with your girlfriend or wife? 

The Ravla Connection: Connaught Place

The autorickshaw arrived in Connaught Place in no time. We got off and crossed the street to the main block. Well, it looked like the "main" block for me since there's Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and Levi's shop and and other popular western brands in both food and apparel. The side walk was again lined with small shops that sell both souvenir items and clothes and bags and pouches and all the good stuff a normal female wants. But I have to focus. Food. Lunch. Food. Lunch. 

Mihir was on his phone (he's always, isn't he?) checking the way to the resto he wants us to have lunch in. We went around the block, and we're back to the street where the autorickshaw left us, crossed the street and walked and found the resto. I commented, "We just went around the block" to which Mihir replied without looking at me, "Yeah." I wanted to ask why we had to go around the block when we could've just crossed the street but I knew the answer would be: GPS. 

The bird hub hehe

Matrimonial Crap 1

Yes, the title gave it away. I am not a fan of matrimonial sites. I don't like them. I abhor them. They don't work. It's full of fake people and fake profiles. One may argue against me and say, "It works! I've been happily married for blank effing years!" Whatever ridiculous number you put there on the blank, it doesn't matter to me. We all have a different definition of "happy". And I do not think my definition of "happy ever after" can be found in a matrimonial site where the ONLY intention of people for being there is to "marry" "someone". 

What is marriage anyway? But i'm getting way ahead. First, let me lay down my arguments why these matrimonial crap are not just crap but also a flop. 

Even Superman Cant

I'm a huge fan of the Smallville series. Smallville is about a young Clark Kent, before he embraced his destiny as Superman. It focused on his childhood,
Source: www.imdb.com
teenage years and young adulthood, university years and finally, the early years of working in The Daily Planet as a journalist. In most of the episodes, the story would revolve how the young Superman would save people from evil forces, experiments gone bad or whatever. Most of the time, he would save the people that needed to be saved, but there were times that he couldn't. In one of the episodes where he was supposed to save one person but could not, he said matter-of-factly, "I cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved." 

Why am I writing about this? Because, it is the same with love and care and affection. One cannot really do anything about it when the other does not want it. They say, "love begets love," but how can it cause or produce love when it is rejected? It can only do that, when the other accepts and acknowledges and appreciates it.